The Fear of Falling


The fear that someone has if they are at risk of falling and have their body hit solid ground can be overwhelming. The sound it makes, the feeling you have after the fall, and the subsequent embarrassment is enough to make anyone anxious. Fear of falling is in itself a risk though. Adults over 65 tend to have a higher level of anxiety when it comes to falling due to the increase in injuries that can occur. Heartland PCA understands that falling is not a joke and should be taken very seriously. We are here to support anyone who may have this fear, which is why we wrote this blog about the best practices to decrease your chances of falling. ...Read More

Common Duties of a PCA


The common duties assigned to each Heartland Personal Care Assistant may vary dependent on the various types of clients. However, there are a number of very common duties each PCA is expected to be able to perform.  ...Read More

10 Skills The Best PCAs Have (Part 2)


Last month we talked about 5 top skills needed to be a successful personal care attendant at Heartland PCA. However, the list doesn’t stop there. Being a PCA means that you are able to put others needs before yours and to do that successfully you need more than 5 main skills. Additional skills we highly recommend to become a successful PCA: ...Read More

10 Skills The Best PCAs Have (Part 1)


There are certain skills you must have to be a great PCA. These skills can impact your job performance and other activities in your life. We are always looking for people with these skills to add to our team. Anyone can learn technical skills, but the best PCA’s will have these 10 skills, allowing them to work with a variety of clients: ...Read More

Help Your Child with Independent Living Skills


As a parent you are probably the primary care provider for your child with disabilities. They are dependent on you to get them through daily tasks like getting dressed, hygiene, cooking meals, and cleaning, not to mention providing them with the safe and loving environment they live in. But as they get older you might be worried about who will take care of them when you aren’t able to anymore.  ...Read More

Help Children with Disabilities Feel Like They Belong


The world around us is not always accommodating to our children with disabilities. It can feel like a constant struggle to help make our children feel like they belong.  ...Read More

Independent Living Skills for Everyone


Whether you are young or old, a primary caregiver for your loved one, or recently affected by a life-altering accident, independent skills training can help you improve your life and overcome many obstacles.  ...Read More

Prevent Burnout with Respite Care for Your Special Needs Child


You love caring for your special needs child, but it takes a lot of time and energy to provide them with the care they need. This can leave you exhausted and isolated, which can lead to burnout. It’s difficult to properly care for your child if you don’t take time to care of yourself. And it is OK to take a break. ...Read More

Teaching Your Parents Internet Safety


The internet has been a great invention that allows us to do all sorts of things we never could before. It is also continually growing and evolving. With that being said, it can also be a scary place. Scam artists have found a new home on the internet. ...Read More

Surprising Benefits of Caring for Others


It may be hard sometimes caring for others; it can be mentally and physically exhausting, but also very rewarding. Everyone has a reason as to why they do it. For some, the benefits are knowing that they are helping someone and putting some good in this world. For others, the benefit is knowing that their family member is well taken care of and that they get to spend time with them.  ...Read More