Common Duties of a PCA

Common Duties of a PCA

Posted: Friday, February 16, 2018

The common duties assigned to each Heartland Personal Care Assistant may vary dependent on the various types of clients. However, there are a number of very common duties each PCA is expected to be able to perform.

Every PCA is expected to be a companion to their client. Do not look at the person you are helping as just a “client” but, as a person who needs help and chose you. Heartland expects all PCA’s to be friendly and courteous to every client they may have. We always encourage each PCA to get to know their clients by playing games, going for walks, enjoying a sunny day together, or any other fun bonding activity you can do. You start out as a Personal Care Assistant but soon you become so much more than that to each client.

Light housekeeping is also in the job description for each PCA. Many of our clients are not able to do dishes, sweep, vacuum, laundry, or other common household chores. Preparing meals is also something that is commonly done for our clients. Heartland likes to provide the best service to everyone, which means having our PCA’s help our clients in the areas they may have difficulty performing themselves.

Running errands for your client is also an important task. We would like all our PCA’s to have a reliable form of transportation that would allow them to run to the store if their client needed anything.

Helping clients with grooming and hygiene is also another task Heartland expects our PCA’s to accommodate with. This can include assisting with bathing, toilet facilities, getting dressed, clients in and out of bed, and other tasks.

The other main duty we want all PCA’s to be able to accomplish is helping clients keep a schedule. This means being organized enough for two lives which can be difficult. The reason this is a main duty is because medication needs to be taken at a certain time, exercises and stretches have to happen daily, and other appointments may need to be scheduled.

If you are interested in becoming a Heartland PCA please go to and click apply! Being a PCA is a wonderful job and an even better feeling. Join a team that is doing so much for people who need help.

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