PCA Services Aren’t Just for the Elderly

PCA Services Aren’t Just for the Elderly

Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2018

It is easy to assume that in-home care services are just for the elderly, but people of all ages benefit from the help of a personal care assistant. Heartland PCA has the resources to assist you or your loved one, no matter the need.

Children with special needs typically require more attention than the average child, which can often lead to increased stress on parents and family members. If you’re familiar with this situation and currently experiencing it, a personal care attendant might be the solution. A PCA can cater to your child’s unique needs from the comfort of your home. PCA services include assistance with daily behaviors, improving interpersonal and communication skills, and even accompaniment to medical appointments.

Heartland PCA’s can also provide adults with skills to help them live independently. Our independent living skills training includes money management, educational planning, job-seeking skills, and personal appearance and hygiene. Improving independent living skills isn’t only beneficial to the individual, but to their friends and family as well, reassuring them that the loved one is capable of living on their own.

Heartland PCA understands that every individual and every family has different needs and we are happy to accommodate the needs of you and your family. We offer a wide variety of services to ensure all of our clients receive the care they need! To learn more about what services we offer, visit our services page!

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