Bath Modifications for Aging at Home


As we age, our physical strength and ability start to diminish making many aspects of a home dangerous unless precautions are taken. The main room where most elderly get hurt is the bathroom due to slipping, falling, and tripping. Luckily there are many actions you can take to create a safer bathroom for you or your loved one. ...Read More

Senior Full-Body Chair Exercises to Try


Exercising is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. However, when most people hear the word exercise it usually means standing up, and for some people that can be a difficult task. Heartland PCA understands that exercising can be difficult for some people, which is why we made a helpful full-body workout you can do in a chair. ...Read More

Teaching Your Parents Internet Safety


The internet has been a great invention that allows us to do all sorts of things we never could before. It is also continually growing and evolving. With that being said, it can also be a scary place. Scam artists have found a new home on the internet. ...Read More

Surprising Benefits of Caring for Others


It may be hard sometimes caring for others; it can be mentally and physically exhausting, but also very rewarding. Everyone has a reason as to why they do it. For some, the benefits are knowing that they are helping someone and putting some good in this world. For others, the benefit is knowing that their family member is well taken care of and that they get to spend time with them.  ...Read More

Considering Becoming a PCA? Tips and Testimonials.


Considering becoming a PCA? Personal Care Assistants are one of the most rewarding jobs a person could ever have. PCA’s are the people that many families depend on to care for their loved ones. You will be helping people who truly need your services, while making their life a little easier along with providing their family some peace of mind. Often times, your presence and assistance is the only thing keeping an individual in their own home, which is invaluable to most people. ...Read More

Differences Between Traditional and Choice PCA


People receiving in-home personal care services in Minnesota are required to use a PCA provider agency registered through the Minnesota Department of Human Services. There are two options for PCA provider services: PCA Traditional and PCA Choice. Heartland PCA in Minnesota is proud to offer both Choice and Traditional options. Read on to discover the differences between traditional and choice PCA.
 ...Read More

What are the Differences Between HHA, CNA and PCA Caregivers?


If you are looking into in-home assistance or a caregiver for a disabled or elderly family member, you may have stumbled upon abbreviated titles like PCA, CNA and HHA somewhere along the way. While people in each of these professions can assist clients with daily tasks in the comfort of their homes, it is important to understand the difference between each of these roles before making a decision.  ...Read More

Should I Hire a Personal Care Assistant?


If you or a loved one are aging, ailing or exhibiting signs of decreased independence in daily activities, it might be time to consider enlisting the services of a Personal Care Assistant or PCA for support in a variety of tasks. ...Read More