Teaching Your Parents Internet Safety

Teaching Your Parents Internet Safety

Posted: Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The internet has been a great invention that allows us to do all sorts of things we never could before. It is also continually growing and evolving. With that being said, it can also be a scary place. Scam artists have found a new home on the internet.

Here are some quick tips we can use to protect ourselves and enjoy all good things the internet has to offer.

  •  Make sure sites, especially ones where you are entering information like a credit card number, have https:// meaning the site is safe because the data is encrypted.

  •  Only open email from people you know.

  •  Don’t download something or click on it just because it’s free.

  •  Don’t give your personal information out online.

  •  Don’t give out your passwords.

The Federal Trade Commission has a program called “Pass It On” which helps teach persons of all ages about Internet safety and scams. You can read more, download helpful documents, and even order free articles on their website,

Just remember when using the Internet it’s best to be cautious, and don’t believe everything you see.

Infographic about internet safety.