The Fear of Falling

The Fear of Falling

Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The fear that someone has if they are at risk of falling and have their body hit solid ground can be overwhelming. The sound it makes, the feeling you have after the fall, and the subsequent embarrassment is enough to make anyone anxious. Fear of falling is in itself a risk though. Adults over 65 tend to have a higher level of anxiety when it comes to falling due to the increase in injuries that can occur. Heartland PCA understands that falling is not a joke and should be taken very seriously. We are here to support anyone who may have this fear, which is why we wrote this blog about the best practices to decrease your chances of falling.

How can we fix it?

To reduce your chances of falling, you want to be proactive in these practices. Waiting for your fear of falling to cure itself will not result in an actual cure. These practices are based off of studies and experiences that our PCA’s have witnessed.

  1. Certain types of exercise can decrease the likelihood of experiencing a traumatic fall. Exercise is the perfect form of structured, repetitive, planned, physical activity that will strengthen your overall fitness. Great exercises to practice are types that focus on balance, training, strength, and resistance.
  2. Become educated on basophobia, the fear of falling or not being able to stand or walk. Basophobia is a common fear of many people over age 65, however once you learn more about this fear and the causes of it, the less intimidated you will be.
  3. Have a doctor or a pharmacist review all of your medication. This includes any over the counter medication and sleeping pills you may have been prescribed. Some medication may increase your risk of falling and alternate types of these medications are a great way to be proactive.
  4. Never avoid the activities that bring you happiness because you are scared of falling. Heartland PCA suggest doing your regular activities but in small doses. If you enjoy going for a walk around the mall, we suggest to do it but limit your time to 15 minutes. Once you start getting over your fear of falling, ease into more activities. Starting out small and broadening is a great way to help you defeat basophobia.

Everyone has anxiety about something, and the fear of falling is a common one. Heartland PCA cannot promise that these practices will eliminate your fear of falling; however, it is a great place to start. We have wonderful and dedicated PCAs that want the best for everyone and are always here for you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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